Anne Hannan (President)SortMyBooks
SortMyBooks - Cloud Accounting Software

SORTMYBOOKS – Cloud Accounting Software

SortMyBooks is a cloud accounting software for small businesses based in Ireland and the UK.

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Ideal Referral

Business advisors are ideal referral partners for us. A business advisor can’t do their job properly if the business’s books are not up to date. You can’t improve what you can’t measure. We streamline the bookkeeping practices and get the business working with real-time financial data.

Top Problem Solved

Having access to real time financial data, even in these days of apps for everything, is still a pipe dream for most small business owners. We replace fear and intimidation around finances with knowledge and power.

My Ideal Referral Partner

Our ideal referral partners are business coaches, lean business consultants and bookkeepers.

Top Product

Professional Bookkeepers Academy – we train people with a financial background on how to set up their own bookkeeping business. For more information visit our website.

My Favourite BNI Story

Our Professional Bookkeepers Academy started from our collaboration with another BNI member, Dan O’Donoghue of Asentiv Ireland. Dan is a genius at business development. Our skills are in technical training. The combination of business development and our business process streamlining means that our Professional Bookkeepers Academy Graduates are successful in building a business that supports their lifestyle.

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