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Thrive A|OK is here to help you to Thrive, not just survive.
It is all about time.. giving you back the time that you are wasting every day.. We give it back, you choose what to do with it, do more work, get some exercise, take a break every once in a while, go home early – that’s your choice!
We`re definitely not going to be telling you to work harder…. sometimes working harder is actually a big part of the problem, a straight path to burn out.
We`re talking about working smarter!
Have a look at the follow video to introduce you to one of our main products; Kompass BMS
We`re talking about working smarter!

Ideal Referral

Service based business managers/owners whom provide a number of different services to customers in varying locations for varying amounts of time and possibly have staff working from their offices/remotely also. They would like to start managing their sales and operations processes through a simple web interface to replace inefficient spreadsheets so that they can delegate and communicate important information more easily and effectively, be able to see key business metrics and insights on a live basis, and potentially grow their businesses sustainably without having to work harder/longer.

Top Problem Solved

Improving productivity and effectiveness by managing the whole sales and operations management process from opportunity to invoiced project, and by reducing errors, miscommunications, stress, and providing the right information at the right time, so business owners and managers can make better decisions about their business.

My Ideal Referral Partner

Our ideal referral partners are other business service providers.

Top Product

KompassBMS – a simple to use, but extremely effective, web interface based sales and operations business management system KompassBMS is a system that you can rely on and trust to give you the accurate, timely, and in-depth business information you need when you need it, and which helps you manage and communicate project information effectively to your team without doubling up. KompassBMS provides a better/easier way to manage your quotes/opportunities, know your win/lose rates and be able to analyse these stats, follow up on leads at the right time, communicate project/tasks information effectively and easily to your teams, track your projects finished to invoice more effectively, be able to regularly see more detailed analysis and stats on which projects/clients are making you money, and which are losing you money, hand over fist, all so that you can focus on growing your business in an effective, controlled, strategic, and sustainable way. Features; Manage Clients and Contacts Create Quotations and Track Opportunities Fully Manage Projects and Tasks Drag & Drop Scheduling Manage Job Diaries/Time worked Manage Equipment Staff Leave & Directory Integrate Quality Management System Third Party Integrations.

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